Welcome to Grade 4

Welcome to Grade 4

Monday, 18 March 2019

Karaoke fun!

Science Projects

Science Projects

Students worked really hard on their creativity, use of materials and critical thinking during their work time in class.  They also presented their ideas with pride and confidence.  But what really impressed me and made me proud is their encouraging applause when each group presented  and how they shared with their little buddies.  Here are some photos:

Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Social Strategies in grade 4

Here are some of the strategies being taught in class:

Our grade 4's created a pledge or creed this week as a way to help remind us of the expectations at school. Every morning we will be reciting this creed to help us set up for the day. Please review with your child.

Grade 4 Pledge

I am somebody!
The me I see, is the me I’ll be.
I can and will succeed!

I pledge to do my best.
To be safe in my own space
To be a team player and care about the feelings of others,
To be accountable for my actions and words.
and respect others and school property.

When I am present I have purpose as a student.
I will whole body listen so I can learn.
I will think before I speak so there is no concern.
I will communicate my feelings so others understand.
I will stay focused on the task at hand.
I will keep my area clean and organized, with gratitude.
And I will always have a positive attitude,

When learning at KSA.

Sunday, 3 March 2019

Science Project

Grade 4's are starting a Science Project this week.  They are allowed to work in groups up to 3 people or on their own.  The task is to create a poster or 3-D diagram that shows a relationship or pattern between the sun, earth and moon (example: a lunar eclipse).  Each project has to include 5 interesting facts about their relationship/pattern, a title, visuals with colour, and effort and creativity.  They may work on it at home however lots of class time will be given.

Materials that may be needed:  Styrofoam, ball shapes, wooden scewers, boxes, cardboard, paper plates

Materials school will provide: cardstock, black paper, paint, string, elastics, coloured paper

DUE: Thursday, March 14th
Presentations: Thursday, March 14th and Friday, March 15th (to little buddies)


Padlet Facts

Here is a link to our Padlet Bulletin Board on facts about the SUN, MOON, and EARTH.  Enjoy...


Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Manners by the age 9

Here are the manners we are working on in class...may be useful at home too...